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International Hypotonia Society is a Not-for-Profit Corporation dedicated to the education and improvement of the quality of life of individuals impacted by the medical disorder known as Hypotonia. The Corporation will raise funds from the public which will be used to:


(i) provide financial assistance and support to underprivileged families affected by hypotonia;


(ii) provide resources and information to these families to assist in improving the life of individuals affected by hypotonia;


(iii) fund other related not-for-profit organizations;


(iv) fund Hypotonia research to better understand and deal with the condition; and


(v) further the goals of the Corporation


This website is dedicated to parents with children diagnosed with Hypotonia.

Halas Journey

When we first learned about Hypotonia, we had no idea what it meant or how it will impact our daughter’s life.


Occupational Therapy

When treating hypotonia, early therapeutic intervention is the key to success. Hypotonia indicates decreased muscle tension or stiffness.


Speech Therapy

Hypotonia, a condition of decreased muscle tone which significantly impact feeding, swallowing, oral-motor mechanism and speech development..


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